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"Dog Blessed was recommended by our veterinarian when our puppy began to have behavioral problems. Jodi began walk and train sessions and within a few weeks we began to notice a huge difference. Not only has our puppy learned new skills, she seems much happier and we are enjoying our time with her much more. We highly recommend giving Walk and Train a try."  -- Megan, Spring Lake 


Why Choose Dog Blessed?



Hours by appointment and based on client needs.


1-616-430-0297 (Paula)

1-231-893-1227 (Jodi)



New Dog Paw Camp $65

Living With A Reactive Dog $65

Introduction to Nosework $65

Trick Class $65


Current Class Schedule


​Private In-Home Dog Training

Classes in the Community


In-Home Care

Walk And Train

Fear Free Professionals

Certified Professional Dog Trainers

AKC CGC & Trick Evaluator

Do More With Your Dog Trick and Conditioning Evaluators


To see all dogs treated in a kind manner utilizing fear free techniques to train and communicate to them to help them live their best life!



Dog Blessed LLC

Montague, MI 49437, USA

We provide dog training throughout West Michigan. Additionally, we customize our training to work with you at your home, local park, etc.



to sign up for these classes. 

To help dogs live their best lives by teaching people about dogs' motivation, communication, and needs.  

We work hard to continue our education of dog behavior and health as a part of our professional certifications. We use various methods to support students during and after classes are over. These methods include private Facebook groups and review of videoed training sessions.Additionally, Dog Blessed is active in the community working with area rescues and sports clubs to enhances the lives of all dogs through fear free training, fundraisers, and educational opportunities.   


Wednesdays Starting May 26

Fremont Community Recreation Center 4 Weeks for $80

​6:00pm Puppy Kindergarten      

7:00pm Leash work Training and Practice


Harbor Humane Society 5 Weeks for $125 (50% donation)

5:00pm Introduction to Agility          

6:15pm Living With A Reactive Dog   

7:30pm Living With A Reactive Dog 

Canine First Aid and CPR  $85

June 27th: 1-5pm  Must Love Dogs, Grand Haven

June 23rd & 30th: 6-9pm Fremont Community Recreation Ctr

Equipment we suggest can be purchases here: