Dog Blessed training is fun, and effective. Proven training methods are used that help dogs increase their self-confidence so they feel safe and are eager to learn. Encouraging our dogs to think and solve problems. Methods build positive feelings toward training and interactions.




Hours by appointment and based on client needs.




Upcoming Special Summer Classes  $80 for 4 weeks

May 20 - June 17 (Mondays)

Magnolias, Whitehall

6:00pm Puppy Kindergarten / Freshman

7:00pm Troubleshooting / Learn New Tricks 

June 12 - July 10 (Wednesdays)

The Dog Spot, Holland

2pm Puppy Kindergarten / Freshman

3pm Introduction to Agility

4pm Introduction to Nosework

June 25 - July 23 (Tuesdays)

The Dirty Dog, Muskegon

6pm Troubleshooting / Learn New Tricks

7pm Puppy Kindergarten / Freshman

May 21 - June 18 (Tuesdays) 
The Dog Spot, Holland
pm Troubleshooting / Learn New Tricks
6pm Puppy Kindergarten / Freshman

June 12 - July 10 (Wednesdays)

Harbor Humane Society, West Olive, MI
Living With a Reactive Dog
Shy Dog Class
***Contact Harbor Humane Society for more information***

July 8 - July 29 (Mondays)

Magnolias, Whitehall

6pm Puppy Kindergarten / Freshman 

7pm Introduction to Nosework

8pm Living with a Reactive Dog


Why Choose Dog Blessed?

​Private In-Home Training

Classes in the Community

Interspecies Communication

Basic Manners

Puppy Socialization

Dog Reactivity

Introduction to Dog Sports



AKC CGC & Trick Evaluator

Do More With Your Dog Evaluator

…Most Importantly, Your  Dog’s Specific Needs!!!




We work hard to continue our education of dog behavior and nutrition as a part of our professional certifications. We use various methods to support students during and after classes are over. These methods include private Facebook groups and review of videoed training sessions.Additionally, Dog Blessed is active in the community working with area rescues and sports clubs to enhances the lives of all dogs through training, fundraisers, and educational opportunities.   



Dog Blessed LLC

Montague, MI 49437, USA

We provide training through West Michigan. Additionally, we customize our training to work with you at your home, local park.



We love playing with our dogs and the relationship we have with them.  And we love helping others enhance their relationships' with their dogs. 

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