Camp Kylee

Some favorite reading here at Camp Kylee includes:

Suzanne Clothier's Bones Would Rain from the Sky: Deepening our Relationships With Dogs

Grisha Stewart's Behavior Adjustment Training

Patricia McConnell, PhD.'s Feisty Fido, The Cautious Canine, and The Education of Will

What is Camp Kylee? Camp Kylee was created to provide an opportunity for like minded people to work with their dog that lunges and/or barks at other dogs and/or people and sometimes leaves them feeling uncomfortable.

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Participants in Camp Kylee events agree that their dog does not lunge and/or bark at people or dogs because it is a bad dog. Participants in Camp Kylee understand their dog is having an emotional response and desire to help their dog feel safe, work to change their emotional response, and teach them a behavior alternative.

Goals of Camp Kylee:
1. Teach people why their dog lunges and barks.
2. Teach people leash handling skills that help.
3. Teach people how to use classical conditioning to help.
4. Provide controlled opportunities to practice leash handling and classical conditioning.
5. Provide opportunities to learn about and play dog sports such as agility, rally, nosework, and basic training skills with others. We believe that increased training and participation in sports such as these enhances the human/canine bond while building confidence in the dog and the handler.

Camp Kylee IS NOT a doggy play group.  Dogs will not be interacting with each other. Person and dog work together as a team. Dogs will be crated or kept in vehicles when it is not their turn to work, based on individual dog’s needs.

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