Puppy Kindergarten (AKC STAR Puppy)
Responsible ownership is reviewed and canine communication and basic training is covered along with tips for raising a well-adjusted puppy.  This class is limited to dogs under 1-year of age. Socialization time is included.


This class is for dogs of any age.  Focus is on methods to teach any behavior. Basic obedience skills are taught. This class is a foundation for advanced classes or goals like being a therapy dog or Canine Good Citizen.

Fear Free Vet Visit

Many beloved companion animals are not getting the health care they need to live their best life, despite all the advances in medical care. One of the main reasons is Fear, Anxiety, and Stress involved in visits to the vet. Health care begins at home. Some care is provided at home and we can prepare our dogs to do see their health care provider (i.e. vet). This class will help guardians identify stress and learn how to teach their dogs to not fear veterinary care.  It will also help them train behaviors to help veterinarians properly evaluate them and provide services they need. Teaching dogs to be active participants in the care rather than forcing it on them will reducing their stress. These training tools will also help our companion animals in everyday situations they encounter at home or other places.

Introduction to Nosework (Available as E-class or Community Class)

Nosework is one of fastest growing dog sports and utilizes the dogs’ instinctive ability to smell things.  Learn how this sport got started, what the differences are in the different venues that offer trials, and how you can play the game with your dogs and enjoy watching them use their number one sense.  This is a great sport for dogs and people of all levels, age, and physical ability.  It is fun to play in the house, at a park, or go to a trial with friends. 


Rally is an exercise in obedience that puts emphasis on team work.  It is a great way to practice leash walking and other obedience skills you have learned while continuing to build on the focus and teamwork you have with your dog.  It is done through a variety of stations throughout a room that state what the team needs to do. This class with introduce you to this sport, the signs, and behaviors utilized in different rally venues. Participants will practice signs and courses. Even if you never compete, it is a great step in your training and get your dog to focus on you.  


Agility is a fun sport that can help build dog confidence. In this class dogs will learn basic agility obstacles and body awareness exercises.  Handlers learn basics about leading dogs on course. Dog should have a strong recall for this class and be able to be crated when not working. ​

Living with a Reactive Dog Class (Available as E-class or Community Class) 

If your dog lunges and barks at people and/or dogs this class is for you.  We know this can be frustrating and often embarrassing to the person at the other end of the leash.  You may not understand why your dog does this or why you can't get them to stop it. Through the class we teach handlers why this happens and how to best deal with it.  We then work to teach dogs alternative behaviors. We also teach you lots of fun things you can go with your dog to enhance your relationship.  Learn tricks and jobs to keep their minds active!! 

Trick Class (Available as E-Class or Community Class)

Now that your dog knows basic obedience, now what? Let’s build on that and explore teaching our dogs tricks to keep expanding their learning, building your bond with your best friend, and to entertain your friends.  Utilizing luring, shaping, and capturing dogs learn great tricks and get time to bond with you.  Have them to lay on their bed while guests are over, learn to balance, get in and on things…your imagination is your only limit!  This class will teach you how to expand on your basic obedience and even earn AKC Trick Titles or titles from Do More With Your Dog along the way.  We can do your evaluations during class!

Trouble Shooting / Learn New Tricks

This class is for those dogs and guardians who know their basics such as sit and down, but want to fine tune or learn more. Does your dog jump, pull on a leash, grab your socks and run, or have separation anxiety? Get personalized help with your specific obedience needs and help your dog to replace unwanted behavior with behaviors you want.  Get your dog to bring you his leash, pick up your glove when you drop it, put their toys away, and much more. This class is personalized to participants desired wants and needs. 

All of our clients receive on-going support through email, phone, or Facebook! 

One-on-One Customized Training in Person or Via Zoom

Dog Blessed LLC focuses on one-on-one in-home training. You decide what you and your dog need based on your progress and goals.

We get to know you and your dog and focus on your priorities to provide you with the best value for your time and money.

We use force free methods, games, and positive reinforcement to encourage dogs to think and solve problems. This teaches them how to learn and strengthens your relationship. We also teach you to communicate with your dog and see what they are communicating to you to strengthen your relationship even more!!!

If it is agility, nosework, rally, task training, or other dog sports you want to get started in, we do private lessons in those, too! 

One-on-One Appointments Starting at $50 // Based on Location.  Inquire for Package Pricing. 



In Person and Electronic Classes